Here at Ashley Glass Co we offer and install high quality glass products from well-known brands such as Atrium, Cardinal, Cascade and Holcam. Our top of the line products can be applied to improve the look and feel of your home from mirrors to tabletops. Our high quality glass offers various styles of designs and cuts for every household such as beveled, carved, and etched. We offer a variety of glass types such as laminated, insulated, heat-strengthened tempered glass, spandrel and more. We want each and every customer to have the home they have always wanted and feel included in the process. We take the necessary time to meet with our customers to find out their needs before taking on a project. Once we have all the information we need, we carefully cut and shape the glass to fit it’s surrounding for the “wow” effect our customers want.

Glass Products

  • Insulated glass units
  • Laminated
  • Heat Strengthened Tempered Glass
  • Spandrel Glass
  • Single Glaze
  • Plate glass
  • Cabinet glass
  • Desktops, tabletops, etc.
  • Custom colors & tints available
  • Tempered, laminates
  • Custom Pattern Glass / Radius Mirrors
  • Specialty glass available for all doors